September 17, 2019

There is a story behind every business. A passion project turned profitable profession. Hear the stories behind the businesses from the ones who brought them to life. Join us on September 17th for our inaugural event: Crafting A Business featuring The Virginia Beer Company.

Chris and Robby serving at The Virginia Beer Company Taproom bar

What did you do wrong? What did you need? What advice do you have? Highlighting the lessons learned through growth from concept to corporation, Crafting a Business seeks to create a progressive space where individuals at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey can learn from and interact with others who have lived these experiences.

Chris and Robby speaking to a guest at The Virginia Beer Company

Crafting a Business is a collaboration between William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business and The Virginia Beer Company. Together we seek to highlight, celebrate and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit emerging from the William & Mary and the Hampton Roads communities.

Crafting A Business logo

Event Details

Where: The Virginia Beer Company
401 Second St
Williamsburg, VA 231855

When: Tuesday September 17th @ 7pm
Moderated discussion and open Q&A followed by live music and a networking reception until 9:00. Music by Clayton Perry

Cost: Registration is Free

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